online exclusive q+a

hey girlie! thanks for finding our page! we recently changed platforms in order to allow our vendors to ship DIRECTLY to our customers. this also allows us to offer hundreds of products that we did not previously have access to! here is what you need to know:

Q: Where is my order shipping from?

A: Your order will be shipping straight from our vendor's warehouses. this will provide a more seamless shopping experience and allow for unlimited quantities of sizing!


Q: How long will it take to receive?

A: It will still take roughly 5-7 business days which is standard as to what we do now.


Q: I ordered 3 items. Will they all come together?

A: It is a possibility they will all be shipped as one package, but will most likely be shipped separately as we have access to many vendors.


Q: What am I going to be paying for this shipping?

A: We will not be changing our shipping rule. It will remain $5.99 for standard shipping but all orders over $65+ will ship free! We appreciate you shopping with us & hope you can find many items you love.


Q: I ordered an item and would like to return it. What do I do? 

A: It is simple, just contact us! :)


Q: Can I still choose local pick up?

A: At this time, as we transition over to a new platform, we will not be offering in store pick up on all of the items on our site. We will add *ONLINE EXCLUSIVE* to all online only options, so you know when it will be shipping from our vendors. We are working to merge the two (online & in store) together to bring back that option.


Q: I really like a few items, but I would prefer to try them on first.

A: No problem girlfriend! Send us a message of the items you are looking at. We can order samples in the sizes you'd like to try. Once we receive the items, we will notify you to come in and try them in our brand new fitting rooms.


Q: What will in store inventory look like?

A: We will have a mixture of items in store as we do now! Some of what you see online will be in our storefront, and some of it will be completely different. 


Q: Why does this change benefit me?

A: It benefits our customers because now we have access to so many more items and sizes! If we are out of the specific size you are looking for in store, we have the option to order individual items to provide for our customers! It also allows us to items we simply don't have the storage for. We will still be very carefully placing items on our site that we think you all will love & handpicking unique, fun items for our storefront. 


we hope you all are as excited about this amazing step for our business as we are. we have truly been trying to work towards providing more options & a more seamless shopping experience and we truly believe this will correct a lot of those gaps. any questions, please reach out!